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Booking Info

How do I book an appointment?

I only accept booking requests on my website. Please do not email or DM for booking. It is much easier for me to keep everything organized with requests only coming in from one avenue. 

Typically I book 3 months at a time but I do keep a cancellation list for last minute openings due to rescheduling. 

I submitted a booking request but I haven't gotten a response...

I receive a lot of requests on a daily basis and it can take some time to work through all of them. Typically when my books are open I will respond to inquiries within two weeks.

I do not respond to requests when my books are closed but I do go back through them when I resume booking. 

Do you tattoo everyone that requests you?

Unfortunately I am not able to take on every project, I receive far more booking requests than I could feasibly give my full attention to. 

I choose projects that best align with my skill set and peak my interest. 

I am always happy to refer you to another artist who would be better suited to your project if I am unable to accommodate your request. Please do not be offended or take it personally if I am not able to do your tattoo. 

How often do your books close/open?

I open my books in three month increments, Jan-March, April-June, July-Sept and Oct-Dec. I schedule existing clients and from my waitlist first if there is still available dates I open my books until they are filled.

You can fill out a booking request at any time to be added to my waitlist. I highly recommend you get on the waitlist rather than waiting for a "Books Open" post, waitlist clients are given my first availability and contacted in the event I have cancellations. 

My booking request and social media will be updated to indicate when my books close. 

Asheville and other travel dates will be posted the beginning of the year on my home page. These dates typically do not fill up as quickly. 

Do you offer in person consultations?

My booking request form was designed to cover all the information I need to book your appointment. Occasionally if clarification is needed I will schedule an in person consultation, usually for larger projects. 

You can request an in person consultation if needed on the booking form. 

Do you take a waitlist when your books are closed?

Yes any booking request received when I am not actively booking will automatically be added to a waitlist and given first priority when I have dates available again.

What happens next if my booking request is accepted?

Whether your booking request is accepted or not, you will receive an email from me, usually within 2 weeks when my books are open.  If your project is something I can take on the receptionist will call you within a week to schedule you an appointment. We do require a non-refundable deposit to book the appointment. You can read my full deposit policy here.

Again when my books are closed requests are automatically added to a waitlist and responded to when I get close to booking again.

What kind of projects are you interested in and most likely to take on?

Projects I am interested in

  • Creepy lady faces

  • Floral, especially large scale

  • Horror and dark imagery

  • Blackwork animals

  • Mandalas

  • Anything witch themed

This list is not all inclusive, these are just some of my favorite things to tattoo but I do take on projects outside of this subject matter as well. ​

Are there certain things you will not tattoo?

I am very much a "one trick pony" I do blackwork exclusively. You can see a theme within my portfolio very clearly illustrating my style. 

Projects I will NOT take on:

  • Polynesian or American tribal

  • Color projects 

  • Offensive or Hateful imagery

  • Arm bands or Garters

  • Celtic knotwork

Do you do coverups/reworks? Will you work around other tattoos?

My style generally does not work well for coverups because there is so much negative space in my designs. Typically the only only coverups I take on are small or  blackout projects. 

I am happy to work around existing tattoos if needed.

Reworks are also on a case by case basis.

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